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Hello world!

Posted On 14 Feb, 2010 Others में

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 Rajeev jain

Life I always thought should lie on perfect truth and verifiable aspects of things around. But the world without reality  keep on stay with us. Things which are not perceived by normal five senses of man are believed more easily. A person if reminded about his trouser being wet will touch it twice to confirm but if he is told about heavenly bodies in sky where holy souls live people believe it as ultimate truth. Mankind is perhaps living in two words simultaneously one is real another is unreal. Reality are all that which we see and feel by all our five senses. Hunger, sex ,business, office, relatives , wife , Husband, car, television, day to day dealing all are real. Life and death , all physical in this word are real things.

The life after life, the spiritualistic, religious teaching of scoring Punya by donating or praying, also becoming ritualistic to have goods not only  in this life but the lives to come are without any verifiable facts . This all which is not substantiated by eyes or touch, not even smells and taste can verify it. They are  believed as absolute truth. The discussion is not only all about either own or disown the God, creation of the mind of people, but is all about what purpose it has served for human race.

Historically more lives are lost in religion outrages then in actual wars. The terrorism here or any other country can not be sustained, if religion coloring is absent.  I find much similarity in political leadership and Religious Gurus  who has no solution to human agony very munch present where they stand. Who cares for the hunger striving children and women. Is there any seriousness on the issue why most of infant die before age of one year due to weakness and diseases.

How one can justify the political vision of shining India with all these paradoxes. The religious shrines if have millions and millions rupees just for having magnificent erected structure with various names I can not understand what service to human soul they are doing.

Someone has said  Masjid hai bahut dur chalo kuchch aisa karen rote hue bache ko hasaya jaye

The energy and money has been accumulated in churches, temples, masjid and new cult alike. If only some part only utilized for human causes , it may give clothes  and bread to unclothed and hunger striving infants. The religion and God if utilized to prove superiority and their followers if promised better places heavenly abodes then this may not any thing other than mere selfish pursuit.

Through all the ages the presence of believe in unseen object is there which is because of disbelieve of one humane being on another.

This is rightly said

sangeet sunkar koi gyani nahin hota,

mandir jakar, bhagwan nahin milta,

Log patthar ko is liya pujate hai

Kyonki viswas ke kabil koi insan nahin milta



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